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Tuesday, 28 June 2011

Random star of the day 3

For the past three years Sean Hands has failed to start the Parish Walk due to injuries. He has willingly assisted me in the Civil Defence vehicle at the finish by providing a help desk for friends and families trying to find out where the walkers are.

I shared his company for 10 hours on Saturday night. Although I tried to shut myself off from his conversations A typical one went like this.

Visitor: "What time did Jock do". Sean provides the answer.

Visitor: "That's amazing. That must be a record".

Sean: "No, the record is about quarter of hour faster".

Visitor: "I don't believe it. Who could have walked faster than that?"

Moment of silence and a red face. "It wasn't you was it?"

Sean set the Parish Walk record of 14:47:36 in 2006. But he was still starring this year without a hint of showing off. Like many of the other former winners who was putting more back into the event than he took out.

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