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Sunday, 26 June 2011

Next couple of days

I have the next couple of days off work principally to continue work on the website.

But a few other things behind the scenes first.

I had to take the hire van (my office for the weekend) and the Manx Telecom dongle back to their owners. This has over the past four years become my hardest run of the year (the way back) as I only had an hour of sleep this morning when I started to slump over desk.

I had a file on my desktop last night called "bomb" where I threw all the photo files that were scattered all over the place. I am gradually tidying up, renaming, filing and backing up all of my files to that they are all secure for prosperity.

I've got a massive upload in progress of the full size photo files at Santon. You can see them at:

I'll leave that running whilst we go and spend a few hours with my brother and family at their holiday cottage at St Marks.

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