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Monday, 27 June 2011

Ordering photos

It took me five months to get 90% of my photo collection uploaded to my new photo site and the aim was to make it as easy as possible to enjoy them.

The are sorted into different sections and there is a sort facility on the front page so it should be really easy to find photos from a particular event. The prime purpose is to share the memories.

In the past I used to email photos free of charge on request which was not so easy for me or you if you wanted to print them. One of the reasons I chose Zenfolio as a host was because it provide the ability for people to order prints (priced in GBP) through Photbox, one of the UK's top print laboratories. I haven't ordered any myself but I do see copies of each order. I have noticed that some are charging £4.50 for worldwide airmail while others are only £2.30 for British postage. The former is quite high for small orders not withstanding the convenience. Unlike the selling price, none of this cost is comes back to me to donate to charity.

If you prefer to keep the costs low but are prepared for the extra task, then just download a copy for £1 and take them to one of the local photo shops and get them printed there.

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