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Tuesday, 28 June 2011

Ding dong

A few clangers from the last few days.

I had the date of the race at the head of the blog as 24 June even though the main website had carried the correct date for 7 months.

I briefly had Maureen Cox announced as the winner of the women's race instead of Maureen Moffatt. Thankfully her husband Will picked it up quickly on his phone.

The Manx Harriers and Isle of Man Tourism logos were missing after I re-designed the site and deleted those two in error.

On the technical front I was dismayed when the file uploader wouldn't work on my Laptop. I had uplifted 56,000 files beforehand on my desktop but there seemed to be something wrong with the Java application on the laptop. I found another short term solution until I kicked the Colebourn's laptop into use at Santon but it meant copying files back and forth on flash cards.

And despite all the reboots I had done to flush out all the program updates during the week before, something I did managed to find some more Windows updates that slowed the performance in Peel.

The notes for next year are being written!

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