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Sunday, 26 June 2011

Photo update

You can see the upload of full size photo images at:

I have 826 for Santon, 85 at the finish and 175 out of the available 475 at Union Mills.

I've just stopped the upload of the latter, however, as the batch was due to complete in the middle of the night and it will be more efficient to start the upload of the 750 from Peel thereby maintaining the work throughout the night.

I explained yesterday  that the night shift was not in such a good position to take photos at the finish as the workroom was facing away from the finish. It was not easy to make the dozens of trips around the unit and squeeze past the crowd to get the photos then to get back in, remove the data card and extract and upload the photos and get back out for the next walkers whilst also doing a lot of other things on the website.

So I have to emphasise again that the photos I produce are extra and not contractually due to every finisher no matter how much I would like to have recorded every moment. There were other professional photographers there much better equipped to do this and focus (pun intended!) on this role.

So the 85 photos from the finish are the only ones I have.

Some people have contacted me to ask when the rest will be available. Meanwhile others have asked to have photos removed. Its impossible to please everyone!

Hundreds of emails in the past couple of days which I have only reviewed and dealt with urgent ones unless there was something I chose to indulge in.

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